Mammalian (2010)

A film by Frank Wolf- director of the award-winning documentaries On the Line and Borealis

"The two guys are a fun team to tag along with and prove that you have to be slightly nuts to make this kind of trip" - Common Ground

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Departing the arctic capital of Yellowknife with 40 days of food loaded into their canoe, Frank Wolf and Taku Hokoyama strike out on a 2,000 km journey through the largest wilderness area in North America. The region contains one of the highest concentrations of land mammals on earth and the pair encounter arctic wolves, the caribou migration, musk ox and- most importantly- make the first ever recording of a rare and elusive creature not previously thought to exist in northern Canada. With a sense of humour and purpose, they track down politicians, First Nation chiefs, elders and others living in the few communities that frame the wilderness in order to present a clear picture of the area and the issues that face the land and its people. Shot in 1080 HD with an innovative, fast paced shot mix, 'Mammalian' is a unique and engaging entry into outdoor documentary film.